Assistance Mission Africa (AMA).

  1. AMA Background.

Assistance Mission for Africa (AMA) is a Faith Based Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) with vision for Africa. It’s registered with both South Sudan Relief and Rehabilitation Commission (RRC) Current year Registration N0: 465 and with NGO Bureau and NGOs Council in Nairobi Kenya. AMA has a board of directors with international outlook constituted in the year 2002. The board meets twice in a year to plan and innovate, organize and configure, implement and realize goals of AMA.

2. AMA Aspirations:

Vision, Mission, and Values are the foundation for all that AMA does. They define us as AMA and shape how we set to achieve our goals.

I. Vision Statement: A just, free, dignified and self-actualizing society.

II. Mission Statement: AMA exists to facilitate the role of communities and individuals in realizing just, free, self-actualizing and dignified lives.

III. AMA Philosophy: “Standing in the gap”.

IV. Core Values:

The core values constitute AMA operational principles, relationship with society-the communities, the staff, and the partners, other NGOs and the government at local, state and GOSS levels. AMA’s attitude is shaped by these operational principles and incorporates the confidence to act in and on the world in a way that the AMA believes can be effective and have an impact, and an acceptance of responsibility for the social and physical conditions ‘out there’.

AMA subscribes and is committed to the following core values:

  • AMA subscribes to good stewardship in all spheres of her relations, operations and decision-making processes.
  • AMA subscribes to preferential option for vulnerable in society.
  • AMA subscribes to networking and collaborative attitudes.
  • AMA subscribes to the values that encompass accountability and transparency.
  • AMA subscribes to Christian ethos in practice.
  • AMA subscribes to the belief that communities have the right knowledge and ability to change their situations for the better.

3. AMA Concepts, Thematic and Geographic Focus:

Assistance Mission for Africa (AMA) is committed facilitating communities in Upper Nile Region, greater Lakes, Warrap and Central Equitoria to determine their own development and self-determination. It seeks to secure their rights to dignified lives. This is done through;

  1. Securing Community Livelihoods: Creation of livelihoods that empower individuals to earn enough money to provide for basic amenities such as food, clothing and shelter and all that enables people to lead a life of dignity in a sustainable manner.

2. Natural Resources Management: AMA seeks to engage all stakeholders especially the communities living around the resources in geographic areas of our focus.   Because of the nature of the shared resources the individuals and communities who are affected by the utilisation  can participate in set of activities and attitudes  used in realise responsible natural resources utilization and conservation. The communities have the rights to devise their own management institutions and plans and be recognised by the governments both local and natitional and by international multi-national companies. The right to resources includes and not limited to land, pastures, and animal resources, share of the proceeds from utilisation of minerals and other mining resources, water, fisheries and pastoral rights. The rights to passange in their transhumance for pastoral communities in persuit of water and pasture their livestock which is their livelihood to which they have a right.

3. Peace and Community Security: AMA develops Strategies, processes and actions in realization of peace and community security. AMA believes with communities that they have solutions and directions for their conflict issues.

4. Social Justice – AMA Cross cutting themes of gender, human rights, protections for minority and women rights and empowerment, preferential option for the poor and realizing social justice for all. All AMA intervention are gender mainstreamed. There special consideration for minority groups including the physically challenged, Displaced, and those in special circumstances.

5. AMA Sustainability and Capacity Development: The need to develop AMA capacity in a sustainable manner, whereby it will have the capacity to retain key staff even if project funding come to an end. One strategy would development of business that will generate income some of which will injected back to support employment of staff and percentages goes to it developmental and peace project depending on need.

D. Capacity and Experience:

AMA has been working in South Sudan for the last 16 years and has built a very useful experience in strategic areas of peace building, community security, advocacy and lobbying, natural resources management.  It has learnt the art of targeting and identifying who to work with and how to make most out of strained resources.

The understanding of the local context coupled with staff from the region makes it very competitive in the region. AMA employs 90% national staffs who speak the language, shares in cultural values and aspirations of the communities. This enables AMA to deepen her understanding and learn from changing environment through silent listening and own analysis. There is a strong team of staff well educated willing to learn, they are very committed to the goals and values and goals of AMA.

AMA is active in strategic networks and working groups in South Sudan and beyond.

– AMA is a chairing member of South Sudan Network on Small Arms (SSANSA), and Publish What You Pay (PWYP).

– AMA is a member of Citizen for Peace and Justice (CPJ) secretariat and NGO forum.

– AMA is focal point member of Transitional Justice Working Group (TJWG).

– AMA is a member of the Eastern and Southern African Pastoralist Network (ASPEN) and active member of the Board.

–  And also, a member of Coalition for European Lobby on East Africa Pastoralists (CELEP).

In the last one year AMA has attended meetings focusing on (Pastoral livelihoods) Pastoralism in Brussels (CELEP), Nairobi (ESAPN) and Naivasha – Kenya, (IGAD- dissemination on information on IGAD work on pastoralism). This gives AMA important learning and leverage on issues of concern to the stakeholders it works with. Overtime very good relations have developed with the relevant local authorities and different strata of communities like the women association, the youth and the farming and livestock keeping communities, UN and other international bodies.

The current conflict has affected AMA immensely loosing 7 vehicle, 2 drilling rigs, 3 office and accommodation facilities for field staff, communications equipment’s among many others. However, AMAs still has some capacity through support of her networks and well-wishers. AMA has;

1.      Own fenced office space complete with solar power and Internet facilities, 2-field office and accommodation complete with solar power facilities and 2 office and compound spaces that are still developing.

2.      AMA has 36 strong staff members experienced and skilled in the five thematic areas of focus.

3.      AMA has presence in 3 greater states of South Sudan; Unity, Lakes and Central Equitoria.

4.      AMA has complied with all statutory requirements for South Sudan and is registered with Relief and Rehabilitation Commission and a member of the NGO council. AMA has presence in Kenya registered with NGO bureau and has liaisons office in Nairobi. AMA is currently seeking registration in Uganda and is at advanced stage.

5.     AMA Organizational Structure:

o   AMA organizational structure is reviewed from time to time, It is differentiated to reflect purpose and strategy. The organization is centered around decentralized decision making procedures and system which facilitate flexibility for individual and institutional growth, reduces bureaucracy and puts emphasis on AMA’s Vision and Mission. it reflects functions of the thematic areas and reporting protocols.


6. AMA Working in Partnership:

AMA subscribes to networking and collaborative attitudes and it is backed by a strong philosophy of “Standing in the Gap”. As a result, AMA has implemented projects and programs through both material and moral support and good will from partners and collaborators such partners include but not limited to;

1.      Christian Aid:

Among other partners, AMA is  currently partnering with Christian Aid, and are developing proposal to support peacebuilding in Lower Wunlit Cluster (Southern Unity, Lakes and Warrap). With CA we are already implementing trauma healing in Bentiu Town. Because of this existing partnership AMA was able to rehabilitated the current women friendly center in Bentiu town and facilitate women empowerment through small business schemes in Bentiu town.

2.      PAX for Peace Netherlands, supporting implementation of Portals to Peace and NAP 1325 in addition to peace conferences.

3.      American Jews Worldwide Service (AJWS): Support AMA Capacity building and livelihoods projects specially for women.

4.      Cordaid: Supporting Natural Resources Management, and awareness raising regarding environmental effect in the oil producing states. It is also support dissemination of Petroleum Act and Petroleum Management Act and Environmental Bill.

5.      Aid and Development Botswana (A+DB): Supporting with relief for IDPs and   host communities.

6.      USAID/VISTAS: Supporting Peacebuilding, provision of forums for dialogue.

7.      Relief and Rehabilitation Commission (RRC): legal registration and operation coordination


AMA Juba HQ Staff

Our Partners

Our Thematic Areas

Peace and Community Security

  • community organism plus institution developer
  • Grassroots mobilization to reconciliation plus healing
  • Networking plus collaboration
  • Peace development
  • Human rights

Natural Resource Mnagement

  • Environment education & concentration
  • Responsible utilization of resources + advocacy
  • Citizen engagement
  • Networking + collaboration


  • Support pastoral livelihood
  • Micro finance and rural entrepreneurship
  • Capacity building skills development & accompaniment

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