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Meet the gap-Standers

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Our board of directors

Our BOD meets twice annually to  

Rachael Nyadak Paul Giel


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Rev. Dr. Gabriel Gai Riam

Deputy Chair-Person & Director of Finance

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Prof. Marisa O. Ensor

Director for Research and External Relations

Rev. James Ninrew

Board Secretary and AMA Executive Director

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Martina Benschop-Jansen

Director for Capacity Building and Documentation

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Mr. Isaac Kenyi

Director for Internal Relation and Networking

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Marvin Koop

Director for Resources Mobilization and Governance

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the gap-standers

90% of our staff come from South Sudan. Our national staff speak the local language and share the cultural values and aspirations of the communities. The rest of our staff come from  the East African region e.g Kenya and Uganda.

Additionally, AMA’s staff:

                      • make a strong professional team
                      •  are well educated,
                      • highly qualified,
                      • willing to learn and grow,
                      • and are fully committed to the goals, values and vision of AMA.

Rev James Ninrew

Executive Director / Founder

Rev James is the founder of the Assistance Mission for Africa (AMA) faith-based national NGO. He is the co-founder of Nuer peace council(NPC)l. He sits in several boards He has been a pastor at the Presbyterian church since 1995. He was the PCOSS/PRDA education coordinator, he was Pastor in Charge of, Payinjiar Parish. Rev James was the New Sudan Council of Churches (NSCC) members of the Executive Committee. Rev James was the Chairman of the merger Committee for the New Sudan Council of Churches (NSCC) and the Sudan Council of Churches (SCC) resulted in a successful merger of the two councils under SCC. Rev James Is peacebuilding frontline award receiver who received PAX Dove Peace Award, in recognition of peace effort and reconciliation work between the Lakes and Unity State “Portals to Peace” Work in 2016 Rev James has a bachelor’s degree in theology (BTH) majoring in Christian Education, 2nd Division honor from Evangelical Theological Seminary. And he is 2019 – 2020: master’s degree candidate in “Security and Strategic Studies - from Institute of Peace, Development and Security Studies, University of Juba”.

Laban Muendo Mutwiwa

Programs Coordinator

Project Specialist. A graduate of university of Nairobi Pastoralism and Bsc. Rangemenagement/project planning, management and community based development(coady/premese)/ business leadership program (UNISA). A robust professional with high competency in project cycle management, community based development, participatory learning and action skills, practitioner in strategic planning. Strong planner and problem solver who is resilient, readily adapts to change, works independently and exceeds expectations. Able to juggle multiple priorities and meet tight deadlines without compromising quality. Ability to cope with insecurity and difficult environment.

Mary Emman

Finance Manager

Personal Mission: My life purpose, to love and honor God, is foundational. My professional purpose is to be a ‘Builder’ of a future that transcends ways of working for the wellbeing of people and businesses throughout the world. Embrace something bigger than yourself. Continually improve your skills. Inspire others achieve great things and make the world a better place. This is how the quiet humble person leaves their mark Mar Emman’s role in the organization: Ensure effective systems are in place to safeguard AMA in South Sudan’s fixed and current assets and effectively support the Executive Director and senior management minimize the risk of fraud or financial mismanagement. Ensuring that proper and effective audits of AMA finances are carried out on an annual basis. Responsible for ensuring that all management systems and records are properly maintained to identify and protect the assets and interests of the organization and to enhance as far as possible the efficiency and effectiveness of the manner in which assets are utilized. Example of Work: Work Examples apart from Finance I work in the Logistic department for Tracking purchase, Activities done in the field Locations. Can Develop Data Base Work sheet for tracking Logistic Purchase and activities both in Juba and Field Locations.

Chara Nyaura Bol

Quality Assuarance

Chara works to strengthen AMA’s presence and visibility in partners’ circular, particularly those involved in M&E and attending relevant cluster and coordination meetings. She oversees daily tracking of programs, finance, HR, logistics, processes ensuring compliance accordance with AMA policies and procedures and government of South Sudan statutory obligations. She also works to oversees donor requirement & compliance with their terms and conditions. She ensures all programs activities and processes are realized based on program documents. Since Miss Chara joint AMA, she has successfully facilitated project management protocols and has sustained incident reports from the field. She is a great workmate and good team player. Chara rarely speak but listen more. Chara goes straight to the point when speaking and very concise. Her hobbies include; her being books reader freak, love music, passionate about writing, drawing and aspiring to be a poet. She also has a great experience working with South Sudan Theatre Organization (SSTO) as Project Manager, SSTO that uses drama (street theatre performances), conveying Peace Building messages, with a theme “Art is an effective tool for conflict resolution”. She also worked with Institute for Justice and Reconciliation (IJR), a South Africa based Organization as support facilitator, through which she ensured that approximately 230 community conversation facilitators where equipped with deeper internal qualities of a peace builder and the technical skills to facilitate community-level dialogue.

Nyachangkuoth R. Tai

Gender Manager

Nyachangkuoth raises awareness of the cross-cutting nature of gender equality consideration in the social, economic, political, scientific, cultural, and educational fields. She seeks the participation and inclusion of women in decision-making processes and the protection of women from all types of violence. Nyachangkuoth also conducts trainings and workshops that empower women to embrace free, just, dignified, and self-actualizing lives in South Sudan. In her work, she incorporates the Generation Change training manual, which has allowed her to effectively transform her community. Nyachangkuoth is a graduate of Bahr El Ghazal University with a bachelor’s degree in economics and social studies from the Department of Rural Development.

Biguah Mabil Kong

Procurement and Logistics Officer

• Personal Mission: To constantly be striving to be the best version of myself. Affiliated Organization: AMA • Role in Organization: As the Procurement and logistics Officer I am Responsible for carrying out all the logistical activities from clearances to bookings of flights to the purchase of items requested by AMA’s various departments as well as field sites. • Example of Work: - Bookings of staffs to and from the field - Process flight clearances and other related clearances - Process visas and alien registration for non-national staffs - Purchase of needed items - Follow up with the teams on the ground - Store keeping

Evans Muia Kyalo

Projects Manager

My Expertise lies in SMART Project Cycle Management, Program Coordination, Resource Mobilization, Strategic Planning, and Organizational Capacity Assessment among other related competencies with vast experience from a good number of l Non-Profit Organizations in South Sudan, with field operations Jonglei, Unity, and Upper Nile. This is in various thematic areas in Protection, Education in Emergency. I am experienced, the art of communication and persuasion, project idea creation, project proposal writing, and project reporting. I like to motivate and inspire cooperation of teams to achieve peak productivity and achievement of goals. I am committed to inclusiveness, with the ability to work effectively with diverse groups and key community leaders and organizations and experiences from Corporate, Civil Society and Government. I support culturally sensitivity within a multi-cultural team setting. I subscribe to Do No Harm programming and tenacious about the pursuit of project goals.

Jack Dieng Gatkek

Communication Officer

A graduate of National College of Khartoum, People and Culture Specialist with Bachelor Degree of Human Resource Management, Diploma of Computer Maintaining and Software installation and Diploma of Legal Study. Currently working as Peace and Community Security/Communication with Assistance Mission for Africa (AMA). JACKDIENG has written articles and radio pieces on a number of human rights and justice issues in South Sudan with Radio Tamajuz, Nile Star Global, Free Voice-South Sudan Program, and the Ministry of Information and Communication Cooperation’s Radio Bentiu in 2010 before South Sudanese independence. Jackdieng was a leading member of Nile Star Global and working in Leer, Unity State, before receiving verbal warnings by local authorities and moving to Juba. Jackdieng also participated in a number of child protection roles with Hope Restoration South Sudan in Leer and with the Disaster Management Trust. He has training on counselling and mediation and extensive experience in coordinating and promoting civic education, democratic values and a culture of peace and human rights at the community level. He has assisted communities in Unity state in planning and drawing attention to local, national and international problems. He has also worked with Community Empower Progress Organization (CEPO) and in 2010 with the National Elections Commission for the 2011 Referendum on Self-determination.

Mary Clement

Livelihood Manager

Rev. James Kai Thoat

Sustainability & Capacity Development Manager

Personal Mission: Help people believe in God and live with one other peacefully Affiliated Organization: Working with Assistance mission for Africa AMA from 2003 up to now. Role in Organization: Viability officer Example of Work: -Field coordinator -Supervise the wash department -Food security and livelihood coordinator

Gatwech Kueth Chuol Dorar

Field Officer

Name: Gatwech Kueth Chuol Dorar Date of Birth: 01/01/1989 Gender: Male City, Country: Mayom- South Sudan E-mail Face book handle: Gatwech K. Chuol My role is to coordinate and facilitate the success implementation of AMA peace project within the greater Mayom County- Unity State. Example of Work:  Responsible for the supervision of the entire management of field activities coordinate of all activities and networking with other key field actors in the area.  Responsible for AMA assets and resources in the field level. Those are my roles as field staff here in Mayom

Gertrude Okenykene

Gender Officer

Personal Mission: Raise the next generation of African leaders by pursuing excellence in academic and practical skills, integrity in conduct and moral values, so that each one becomes a responsible advocate and a productive citizen, providing vulnerable women and children in Africa with holistic care and to impact communities in the process.

Madeng latjor Madeng Kier

Project Officer / Team Leader, Unity State

Madeng's personal Mission: To attain deep understanding and gain experience in all aspects of Legal, human Right Defender, especially Child and Woman Rights Considering social contract, administrations and enhance my soft skills such as: communication, team working and leadership, lawyer by professional. As AMA's project officer and a team leader, Madeng is also the head of extractive desk. In this capacity his role in the organisation is to liase with other NNGO, INGO, UN agency, to ensure successful implementation of projects within the targeted location/s and timeframe by mobilizing community members and beneficiaries in particular to participants in all project activities as may be requested from time to time. He participates in advocacy and lobby and in environmental research related issues to human rights in the national resources producing communities. He enhances and maintains the relationship between AMA, the local authorities and other peace actors within the targeted locations. He ensures the implementation of all the TOR that has been developed with the Programs Coordinator and prepare a timely reporting on the implementation and work progress. He liquidates project advances and delivers narrative report as soon as the activity is implemented. He conducts baseline survey, collects and deliverers narrative report as soon as the activity is implemented. he conducts quaterly, half yearly and annual project reviews. He writes reports and proposals. Some of his work include: Lobby and advocacy on human rights, and awareness raising o oil pollution and prevention.

Romani Dong

Peace and Protection Manager

Passionate about contributing to a world made a whole lot better with a little peace and security, Romani gives it his all at AMA’s Peace and protection desk. Romani appreciates and embraces the diversity and color that we all bring to this table called life. Whenever diversity threatens relationships and fuels conflict, Romani and team dive in with applied conflict resolution methodologies and peace building practices to mitigate and prevent future conflict. Romani creates safe dialogue between warring parties and help them devise joint strategies and opportunities for peaceful coexistence. Romani sings, plays chess and is into digital design.

Bol Kuch Kooch Agau

Field Officer, Rumbek

Personal Mission: Advocating for sustainability, peace and security in the neighboring State Example of Work: Bol oversees general protection and consult with leaders in the State level if there is big conference. He forms peace committees as well as trains community on policy, rules and law Provide training local authority on governance, rules and law. Mr. Kooch provides community mobilization for activity and also train women and youth representatives. He Reports on incidents and oversees livelihood in the field.

Hon Nguanjiok

Peace and Protection Officer

Gatkuoth Paul Giel

Security Officer

Taker Riek


Simon Thirthir

Compound Manager, Juba

Joseph Mutie

Livelihood Trainer

Ninrew Kuong

Media Officer

Angelina Chang

Compound Manager, Nyal

Alfred Abolish

Field Officer, Lakes States

Akol Chien


Rachael Nyabuar


Martha Peter Tot Deng


Nyakuma Chuol

Social Worker