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AMA is registered with South Sudan Relief and Rehabilitation Commission (RRC) and with NGO Bureau and NGOs Council in Nairobi Kenya.
Our philosophy
"Standing in the Gap"
AMA was founded and registered in 2002, by Rev. James Ninrew. Rev. James is also the Secretary of AMA’s Board of Directors (BOD).
Our Vision
A free, just, dignified and self-actualizing society.
AMA's BOD is a woman-led, gender sensitive 7 member Board with an international outlook defining its constitution.
Our Mission
To facilitate individuals and communities in realizing free, just, self-actualizing and dignified lives.


AMA’s core values include:

      • Good stewardship in all spheres of her relations, operations and decision-making processes.
      • Preferential option for the vulnerable in society.
      • Networking and collaborative attitudes.
      • Accountability and transparency.
      • Christian ethos in practice.
      • The belief that communities have the right knowledge and ability to change their situations for the better.

our networks

Active in strategic networks and working groups in South Sudan and beyond, AMA is:

      • Chairing member of South Sudan Network on Small arms (SSANSA)
      • Member of Citizens for Peace and Justice (CPJ) secretariat and NGO forums
      • Focal point member of transitional justice Working Group (TJWG)
      • Member and active board member of Eastern and Southern African Pastoral Network (ASPEN)
      • Member of Coalition of European Lobby on East Africa Pastoralists (CELEP)

AMA's geographic coverage

AMA’s geographic coverage includes the following states and specific Counties and Payams::

        • Central Equatoria State:
              • Juba County.
        • Lakes State:
              • Yirol East,
              • Yirol West,
              • Rumbek East,
              • Rumbek North,
              • Rumbek central.
        • Unity State:
              • Rubkona, ,
              • Thonyor,
              • Ganyiel,
              • Payinjiar,
              • Mankien,
              • Mayom,
              • Leer.

our thematic areas of intervention

Gender and Social Justice

Gender, human rights, protections for minority, physically challenged, the displaced, and those in special circumstances, women rights and empowerment, preferential option for the poor and social justice for all.


Creation of livelihoods that empower individuals to earn enough money to provide for basic amenities such as food, clothing and shelter and all that enables people to lead a life of dignity in a sustainable manner.

Peace and Protection

AMA develops Strategies, processes and actions in realization of peace and community security. AMA believes with communities that they have solutions and directions for their conflict issues.

Sustainability and Capacity Development:

Development of AMA’s capacity in a sustainable manner, to enable AMA to retain key staff even when project funding ends. For instance, income-generating businesses that partly support staff employment and a percentage goes to projects.

Natural Resource Management

AMA seeks the responsible utilization and conservation of shared natural resources by all stakeholders. The communities have the right to devise their own management institutions and plans and be recognized by the governments both local and national, and by international multi-national companies. The right to resources includes and not limited to: land, pastures, and animal resources, share of the proceeds from utilization of minerals and other mining resources, water, fisheries and pastoral rights.

Our team

The 90% national staff employed by AMA speak the local language, share the cultural values and aspirations of the communities. Additionally, AMA’s staff:

• make a strong professional team
• are well educated,
• highly qualified,
• willing to learn and grow,
• and are fully committed to the goals, values and vision of AMA.

Freedom. Justice. Self-actualization. Dignity.

Standing in the gap.